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Kevin Michaluk

Best known for:  Passionate evangelism of his favorite tech products.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Kevin Michaluk founded CrackBerry.com in 2006, which he quickly grew to become the largest BlackBerry resource on the net. Under the moniker "CrackBerry Kevin," he became the world's go-to authority and revered personality for all things BlackBerry. When BlackBerry's management changed, the first phone call from their new CEO went to Kevin.

Since 2011, Kevin has been the driving force behind Mobile Nations — including Android Central, iMore, and Windows Central — and as the company's Chief Media Officer has grown and directed the editorial team, whose content now reaches combined audiences of more than 40 million consumers monthly. On the rare occasions when Kevin has free time outside of his business obligations, he still loves to produce content. Kevin recently launched a new channel under the brand KM - World's Greatest Gadget Reviewer, where he produces fun and inspiring tech videos.

Kevin specializes in industry trends, startups, the big picture, what’s coming next and trying it first.